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In-between planning overnight trips for au pairs in the Paris area, I decided to plan simple day trips to surrounding cities and attractions. Since I live in Rouen, I thought it would be a great idea to show the girls where I spend most of my time in France!

Rouen is the historic capital of Upper Normandy France and is about an hour and a half away from Paris by train. It is a beautiful medieval city with classic old timber buildings, and also the sight of where Saint Joan of Arc (Jeanne D’Arc) was infamously burned at the stake in 1431. Taking a walk down one of the many cobblestone streets in Rouen will easily make you feel as if you are living in the past. It reminds me of the Disney movie Beauty and the Beast! There are many attractions to see here. Museums, churches, great shopping, and markets can be found around every corner!

I made an event page on Facebook and sixteen au pairs came to Rouen this past Saturday. I was excited and relieved that there was such a great turn out because it had been snowing the day before and it was FREEZING! It was a great group of girls from all different nationalities. American, Canadian, British, Chinese, Spanish, Norwegian, Austrian, German, Brazilian, and Estonian are the ones that I can remember. I know I am forgetting one or two.

We met at the train station in Rouen at noon, and then ventured off into the cold to begin our tour.


Outside the Joan of Arc Tower






Β The picture above is the exact location where Joan of arc was burned to death in 1431 because she refused to say her visions from god Β were a lie. She is considered a true heroin in France for her devotion to the fight against the English who were trying to maintain control of Rouen and the rest of Normandy. She died at only 19 years old. Years later she was canonized as a Saint.

24442_10151354553481077_1367056333_nThe famous Rue du Gros Horloge

156330_10151354549171077_269502338_nIn front of Rouen Cathedral




We found a church that was converted into an iron museum! It was very cool inside!



Felt like a queen sitting on this medieval chair haha πŸ™‚



Jewelry and hairpieces dating back hundreds of years! I wish I could have tried them on!


These METAL corsets were so tiny, they looked like it would fit a five year old, but it was meant for grown adults. Doesn’t look very comfortable now does it…

22112_10151354563271077_1955550409_nEverything is Iron!

376406_10151354571481077_1353197116_nAu Pairs learning about the museum πŸ™‚

553660_10151354545466077_545732178_nMore sightseeing in the snow πŸ™‚


550396_10151354546296077_1202384379_nTook a picture in front of a cafe, and a man behind us is waving to the camera haha!

230772_10151354557301077_68138924_nStopped at a cafe for lunch πŸ™‚

75017_10151354555786077_1462848382_nThis au pair is hesitant to try escargot (snails) for the first time

734099_10151354555281077_190204527_nUnlike everyone that ordered normal meals, I had ice cream for lunch like always πŸ™‚



Our final stop was at an art museum in Rouen


263997_10151354581711077_17724469_nImpressionist paintings of Rouen


578436_10151354583386077_1562612372_n^ Claude Monet paintings. Claude Monet frequented Rouen and painted many of its famous landmarks including Rouen Cathedral, which he painted five or six times!

554268_10151354579261077_751532760_nI was tempted to play the piano lol

397494_10151354579571077_979389702_n… and the harp πŸ™‚


All in all, it was a great day! I hope the au pairs enjoyed themselves as much as I did showing them around πŸ™‚