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My best friend Jess finally visited me this weekend! She has been an au pair in London since early September and this is definitely the longest I have gone without seeing her! We have been best friends for over ten years and are inseparable! We are practically sisters! I am so glad she could escape to Paris for a quick weekend trip 🙂

Image^ Me and Jess in front of the Eiffel Tower

Jess arrived late Friday night and had to leave early Sunday morning, so we only had a short amount of time to explore Paris. The first night my friends Anita and Viki joined us and we just went to a casual bar to grab a drink. Jess was exhausted from the nine hour bus ride (the mega bus takes forever but it is cheap)!

480964_10151276750276077_876759805_n^ Jess, Me, Anita, and Viki… We are all doing the classic “Chinese” pose with the peace sign. It is one of many of Viki’s signature poses hahaha 🙂

252337_10151276752771077_496870001_n^ Jess caught me on camera yelling because the bartender mimicked my American accent. I cancelled my drink order and we left. So rude! I was mad at the time, but looking back I can’t help but laugh!

67764_10151276753971077_1329304918_nAfter the bar we grabbed a late night snack at a Kebab place nearby. It wasn’t the best but it was one of the few places still open!

486310_10151276754256077_2139852778_nSince i was still starving to death, I decided to get some chocolate from the vending machine, and BOTH of my chocolate bars got stuck. What are the odds!

248254_10152346168890294_1437565238_nThe next day involved sightseeing of course! I love this photo we took of the Eiffel Tower!

I tried to show Jess as much as I could, but there is just so much to see in Paris and we only had a day. Our first stop was obviously the Eiffel Tower. We also went to the Arc De Triomphe, and Champs-Elysées 🙂

Along the way we of course were hounded by vendors trying to sell tourist items and also draw character pictures of us. Jess and I have passed these type of artists thousands of times, and we have always wanted to get it done but never have. This time we randomly decided to when one guy asked. We wish we had looked more closely at his previous work before obliging…


^ The picture looks nothing like either of us!!! Waste of money. At least we didn’t pay full price, but still! We were so mad!

After that catastrophe we conveniently stumbled upon a vendor that sold hot wine. That was just what we needed!

380958_10152346169530294_1631207818_n^ Jess is clearly extremely excited for her wine. It was perfect for such a cold day. I swear we got drunk after one drink. Probably because we only had fruit for breakfast and it was well into the afternoon by then.

67891_10152346169935294_845272512_n^ I am just obsessed with flowers and these were so pretty i had to post 🙂

73837_10152346171240294_776142320_n^ Jess in front of the Arc de Triomphe

By this time we were really hungry so we grabbed a bite to eat at a sushi restaurant. After that we randomly found a store that sold American food products! Saying we were happy was an understatement. Jess and I have been deprived of basic American treats for far too long!


^ We found a bag of mini Reeses! It cost 10 euros for a bag that would cost about 2 euros in the States but it was so worth it. Reeses are more valuable than diamonds over here!

Of course we binged and ate the entire bag of Reeses in one sitting. We have just been deprived for way too long. We rested for a bit and then went out to some bars/clubs. We met up with a couple other au pairs for a bit and then ventured off on our own. We met some really fun and cool people! I unfortunately do not have any good photos to post from the second night. Everywhere was just too crowded!


I wish the trip could have been longer because there is so much more I want Jess to see. I cannot wait for her to visit again over Christmas break so she can really enjoy Paris!