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Everyone should live a life of adventure. Find your passion, make a plan, and then just get up and go. The worst thing you can do is sit back and wonder what could have been. Stop dreaming and start living 🙂

It’s ridiculous how soon I leave. I booked my flight with Iceland Air last week. I will be leaving from New York City on August 26th. I have a layover in Iceland and then I will be arriving in Paris on the 27th. I am so excited to meet my host family. I really hope they like me, and I do a great job! Sometimes I feel like my friends and family think I am just going on a permanent vacation, when really I am going there to work. I am not all about fashion (I just seem to have nothing to post on my blog before I leave besides the clothes I am buying lol). I really am a down to earth and outdoorsy girl who loves nature and exploring other cultures. I am an adventurer at heart. I also tend to be a perfectionist. The last thing I want to do is disappoint the family I am working for. I have this fear of never being good enough so I tend to overcompensate and be overly generous. Hopefully my eagerness to please will drive me to be the best au pair I can be!