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I am officially going to France for eleven months to be an au pair! With this amazing opportunity I thought, why not document it all by making a blog? This way I can update my friends and family on my adventures and also keep a journal of my experiences for myself to look back on!

Okay so here is a little bit about the host family. After months of searching I finally found the perfect family. I am so happy they chose me because they were by far my favorite! The family consists of the mom, dad, and three little girls ages seven, five, and two. They are so adorable and i cannot wait to meet all of them! I would go into more detail about their names and occupations and so on but I want to respect their privacy.

I will be living in a city called Rouen in the Upper Normandy region of France. It is about a little over an hour away from Paris. It is a beautiful historic city dating back to medieval times. It is where Joan of Arc was infamously burned at the stake in the 15th century. There are so many things to see and do there from museums and galleries to shopping and sightseeing! I doubt I will ever be bored! I will also be taking french classes at the University of Rouen so I am bound to make friends fast.

My schedule is great because I get to spend quality time with the children and help the family with their daily routines, but I still have time for myself to pursue my dreams on the side. The girls go to school from September to June just like they do here in the United States. Classes are held Monday through Friday except for Wednesdays they have off. How cool is that? I would have loved to only have to go to school four days a week instead of five. So every morning during the week (except Wednesdays) I wake up at 7 am and help the girls get ready for school and have breakfast. The mom then takes them to school and the parents go to work. I am free till 4:15 when I have to pick the girls up besides on Wednesdays when I have the girls all day. I am taking french classes a couple times a week when the girls are at school. Besides that I can adventure around town. When I pick the girls up from school I help them with their homework, give them a snack, and play with them. Later in the evening before dinner, I make sure they are bathed and ready for bed. The parents come home around 8 pm and I help with dinner and then the girls go to bed. I have off on weekends which is really nice because I can spend my days off traveling! The family has an apartment in Paris I can stay in on weekends. I see myself spending almost all my weekends there exploring the wonders of this beautiful city!

Its crazy to think that this time next year I will be in France. I am leaving the last week of August so I have a lot of planning to do before then! I am so excited to learn about the French culture. It is going to be such an eye-opening experience. Not only will I vastly improve my french skills, but I will be learning new things every day! I am a current college student and a full time waitress. Every penny I earn will be saved for my year in France! I am a very ambitious person and I have so many ideas and goals I want to pursue while in Europe. By working hard now I will only get closer to accomplishing all of my dreams!